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Inspiration Spotify Office Design

Talking about the current digital music platform which is on the rise, Spotify, it also has an amazing office design charm, you know!

Because the interior design of the office that is used as a place to work for its employees, is designed to be very attractive and comfortable.

I wonder, what’s interesting about this Spotify office?

The office design is very industrial element The impression of office space that feels roomy and attractive is indeed a hallmark of startup offices, right?

Moreover, the industrial interior design style that is applied to this office building does provide a different office atmosphere.

Display utilities such as cables, and lights in the room shown, making the office atmosphere look more cool!

Spotify’s office has small meeting rooms Located in New York, United States, Spotify already has 600 employees who faithfully work together to advance the company.

And with the concept of an industrial and modern office, the openness of each room is an important key to controlling the work being done.

No wonder every room for meetings or brainstorming is designed semi-open, with glass walls decorated by colorful nylon thread accents, making the meeting rooms in the Spotify office look more beautiful.

The dining room of the employees also did not want to lose their appearance But it is not just workspaces and meeting rooms that are made beautiful and attractive by Spotify, because in fact the dining room and pantry for employees are designed to be very attractive.

Although still appearing in a modern industrial design that is thick with shades of gray, but it was also presented with warm accents through colorful dining tables and chairs.

Have lots of small rooms for places to look for inspiration Working in a digital world that is changing work rhythm very quickly, will definitely make the employees depressed or stressed!

Therefore, Spotify makes some unique small rooms with super creative designs, as a place to look for inspiration.

Or if you want to get some fresh air, employees can go to the rooftop to think of creative ideas while looking at the fresh scenery.

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