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Inspiration Tiny Size Living Room

Renovating a room is sometimes needed to give a new sensation to the mood of people who live in it. If you plan to renovate a room in your house, especially your living room, you need to listen to this inspiration. Because there is inspiration about an interesting living room renovation to see. Like what was the inspiration?

Although the size is not too big, in fact by presenting a striking yellow accent capable of displaying a fresh atmosphere in the room.

Yellow accents as encouragement
Because of the small and small size of the room, there is a decorative accent that is used as the main element of the room. The decoration accents are present, to complete the process of renovating the living room.

With its comfortable and soft shape, it really fits the sofa chair as a reading chair in the living room. By adding a blanket on the couch, the sitting position will become more comfortable.

In addition, also because of the decorative objects that are patterned, can create the impression and atmosphere of a more attractive room!

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