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Inspirational, Unique Public Toilet Design

Regarding the design of public toilets which are one of the public facilities in a country, it is also important to be prepared in detail. The thing is if the design of public toilets in a country is good and clean, then indirectly it can make citizens and tourists comfortable to move. Do you want to see, are there some examples of unique and inspiring public toilet designs in various countries?

The design of public toilets in shades of white in Japan, which are charming The design of public toilets from Japan is designed bright and also very clean. This toilet is located in the historic temple parking area and is a symbol for the city of Nakanojo itself.

Futuristic public toilet design models in Japan
The toilet building that looks like this house is the work of Daiho Ishii + Future-scape Architects. Located on an island, this public toilet design will be safe for use by local people or tourists. The design reflects the locality of the area.

This building will certainly attract the attention of island visitors. This toilet has a shape like the tip of a wooden torch The design is very stylish and also practical Not only that, the toilet facade is also used as a bicycle parking barrier.

The style of public toilets in Texas is very industrial and masculine
Being on a hiking and biking track, this unique toilet has become an icon in a park located near the Colorado river. Miro Rivera Architects as the designer gives a vintage style that is quite artistic, this toilet is favored by park users because of its quite complete facilities.

Golden toilet in London-England
A unique design from Gort Scott does not look like a toilet. It looks luxurious and stunning.

The elegant shape and color make it not only a public facility but also an icon of art in the area. Not only the outside, the inside also looks clean.

The proof is public toilets in various countries above are used comfortably by residents. Not just an ordinary building, public toilets are also designed to be attractive in terms of exterior and interior.

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