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Inspiring Beautiful Simple Wooden House Designs for Residential

Wooden House Design Inspiration for Simple and Beautiful Homes
Wood is one of the basic materials to make a house.When observed, almost all traditional houses in the archipelago use dominant wood material.

Wood elements can also create a warm impression. Well, if you are interested in building a wooden house, let us consider the following simple and beautiful wooden house design inspiration.

Maybe a jungle cabin house sounds a little scary. But this wooden cabin house can be designed far from horror. The cabin model wooden house produced by Prefab Home is far from being scary, right? Even though it was built in the middle of a forest, what was imagined was the warm and comfortable impression of living in it.

This beautiful simple wooden house is suitable as a vacation home while enjoying the natural atmosphere. With openings on each side of the house, you can freely see the surrounding natural scenery.

This beautiful simple wooden house is called a binary wood house and is designed with an open concept. By using steel structures and dominant wood material, this house looks modern and has an industrial touch.

The rooms are designed without insulation and have many openings that allow residents to see the surrounding scenery freely. With an open concept like this, air circulation becomes good and natural lighting into the house becomes optimal.

This beautiful, simple wooden house is called The Park House and is located in Melbourne, Australia. Simple design and modern impression can be used as inspiration to create a minimalist wooden house.

The combination of wood and steel material on the window sills and structure makes this wooden house has an attractive visual.

The designer of this wooden house cleverly gives a lot of openings to the public area on the lower floor and on the contrary gives enough privacy to the private area on the upper floor.

This beautiful simple wooden house built by Marvel Building can be used as inspiration for designing simple dwellings. This wooden house was almost built without ornamentation.

But behind its simplicity, a beautiful simple wooden house located in Bali is designed with super detail you know!

Wide openings also provide the widest opportunity for residents to enjoy the view around the residence.

If we had seen more wooden boxes in the form of boxes, this time we switched to beautiful simple wooden houses with pentagon facades.

Openings that almost meet the facade of the house also maximizes natural lighting and allows residents to see the surrounding natural view.

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