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Inspiring Family Room Design

Confusion about arranging and designing a family room, certainly often happens for friends who just bought a house. Even though it’s not difficult, to choose an attractive family room design.

This way, so as not to get confused there are a variety of interesting family room design inspirations that you can try to apply on your dwelling. Like what are the various design inspirations for the family room?

A variety of interesting family room design inspiration with an open concept

The lighting element becomes one of the important elements that must be fulfilled in a dwelling. Especially in the family room, the aspect of natural lighting during the day is important because it can help minimize the impact of global warming on the Earth, by reducing the use of lamp energy during the day. Well, the concept of bright and open with lots of natural lighting in the living room really suits the following inspiration!

One interesting variety of inspiring family room designs comes through the picture above. The house by Alroy Hazak architects, located in Zivon, Israel is able to look attractive, especially in the living room.

Rows of glass doors on the right and left of this family room, making the room bright and full of natural lighting. Coupled with a natural color scheme and strong wood elements, the design of the family room in this house feels warm and comfortable.

Variety of design inspiration for a colorful family room makes you happy
For some homeowners, the concept of family room design with a variety of motifs and collaboration of several colors, even feels more interesting. Especially if some of the colors that fill the living room are a kind of bright color, which can make psychological feelings become happier ~

You don’t have to collaborate all bright or bright colors in the family room ~ Still there must be a principle of harmony and balance, which means that between bright colors there are accent of muted colors as a counterweight.

Inspiring family room design that is suitable for easy-going individuals
For this variety of family room design inspiration, it seems more applicable to my friends who have easy-going personalities. Because the type or type of family room interior design style on this one, is quite unique and ‘quirky’ !!

Which explains that this unique family room design concept is very eclectic, because it combines two to three different interior design styles into one. Vintage wooden cabinets and chairs combined with modern sofas, complete with doll figurines, add to the funky design of a residential family room.

Who likes plants will be more suitable with the concept of urban jungle
The variety of inspirations in the next living room design are very suitable for you who love plants.

For a relaxed and intimate impression, a lesehan style family room can be tried
This family room design style, inspired by Middle Eastern style design that likes to gather on the floor. So that the model of his family room is like a lesehan style, full of sofabed, bean bag and carpet piled up.

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