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Interesting Home Garden Inspiration!

Surely it would be more fun if you have your own garden at home.

However, the problem arranging a home garden requires more creativity so that it can look beautiful and not feel cramped.

Because, physically the mango tree must grow in a large area to be able to produce quality fruit.

Because the size of your home garden is not large, the concept of garden design by planting lots of plants in pots is a very efficient idea.

Decorate a home garden with one tree If you prefer the presence of trees in your home garden, planting a tree in front of the house will not be a problem.

Like for example cherry trees or princess palm trees.

The important thing is, don’t forget to routinely prune the branches, so that your little house doesn’t get crowded!

Make a sitting area in the garden of the house For those who want to take advantage of a small garden in front of the house as a place of relaxation, this model of a home garden is worth emulating.

And around him there are rows of ornamental bamboo plants.

In fact, the seating area in the garden of this house can be used to welcome guests.

Apply vertical garden Because the size of the front of the house is not large, vertical garden applications are the most effective and efficient way commonly used by small residential owners.

By paying attention to the intensity of watering and trimming branches and dry leaves, the vertical garden in your house can certainly look beautiful and beautiful.

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