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It was fun to stay at the Futuristic Hotel Capsule

The concept of capsule hotel has indeed been pretty much opened in Japan. Famous for its concept, which is an average futuristic and unique style, making many people interested in trying it.

But if you are curious, you don’t need to go far Japan to feel the sensation of staying at the Capsule Hotel.

Because now in Surabaya there is already a Tab Capsule Hotel Surabaya, you know!

With a unique and futuristic capsule concept, the interior of the Tab Capsule Hotel is like a sophisticated spaceship.

So Buddy will get a different stay.

In the middle of Surabaya City, Tab Capsule Hotel is located not far from Gubeng Station.ven Buddy can also visit Surabaya Plaza, one of the shopping centers in Surabaya, and the Submarine Monument with only a walk of about 5 minutes you know!

So it’s no wonder, if this hotel is a destination for business people, tourists and backpackers who want a city center lodging with a fairly affordable price.

On each bed, it is equipped with various adequate facilities, such as television, digital clock, sleep lamp and reading lamp which can be adjusted to the level of lighting, USB plugs, cell phone charger and music player. 

Especially for the single bed, headphones are provided, so that the TV sound or the sound of the music player being played does not disturb other visitors.Moreover, to open each capsule, must use a special card that is given to each occupant of the bed where each bed is also equipped with a safe.

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