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Japanese House Designs Feel Comfortable!

Japanese House Designs Feel Comfortable!

Many residential owners and architects use Japanese home principles every time they design something.

The hallmark of Japanese home design that always looks comfortable and warm, makes many people like the concept of residential design.

From natural to minimalist look, various Japanese-style residential designs indeed make the residential atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed.

But apparently there are 7 principles that you should know, when you want to design this Sakura-style country house.

Japanese House Design Always Presents Simple Furniture In many ways, one of the easiest principles of Japanese home design is to see a super-simple furniture model.

A simple furniture model and the forms of tables, chairs and shelves that are not complicated, making it easy for residents to freely move in the house.

This is the charm of the Japanese residential design concept.

Many Use Sliding Doors Because the house in Japan applies an open concept and there are not many dividers, the circulation paths in the dwelling feel more comfortable.

This Japanese sliding door model is known for its authentic transparent door covering with a wooden frame.

But now, in the modern era the design or model of the sliding door is made of glass panels.

Doors like this also make natural light into the room so that the inside of the house is bright without the use of lights.

Apply Plants in Residential The concept of Japanese-style home design is most easily recognized by the presence of green plants in the house.

Bamboo plants are one type of indoor plants that are often applied to Japanese homes.

As for providing openings such as wide windows also make air and aroma from the surrounding environment into the house.

In addition, outdoor scenes that can be seen from inside the house, provide an effect to calm the mind.

Always Use Bamboo Or Wood Materials Because Japanese-style houses always carry a natural concept, the use of elements of wood and bamboo materials as fillers is something that must be used.

To add a natural and natural impression, the use of wood or bamboo in the dwelling makes the atmosphere of the room more comfortable.

But this area is also commonly called the mudroom room, which is an area where there are shelves for putting shoes.

Bathroom Design Always There Tub Like plants, the water element becomes one of the things that is quite important in Japanese comfortable housing.

The existence of a bathtub in the bathroom is also one of the plus points to calm down after the fatigue of daily activities.

Perfect Natural and Artificial Lighting Lighting the room and also decoration that is not excessive is very influential on the comfort of the house.

Put the lights down while letting the light in the daytime into the house, of course, must be considered when designing a dwelling.

But it also comes from the amount of natural light that enters the house.

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