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Japanese Minimalist Home Design!

Minimalist home has become a benchmark for many people when designing a place to stay with a narrow land. But keep in mind, although applying a minimalist home design, the exterior and interior must still be designed beautiful and efficient.

Moreover, Japanese-style architecture is known to be effective and efficient in designing attractive minimalist homes. Here are 3 examples of minimalist Japanese-style home designs that are guaranteed to make your eyes wide open! How attractive and beautiful, the minimalist home design?

Minimalist Japanese-style home design by Tetsuo Yamaji Architects
The first inspiration for a minimalist Japanese-style home design came from a work by Tetsuo Yamaji Architects, Friend.

The houses in the Kanto area are designed by following the traditional metric system so they can look different from other Japanese-style houses in the neighborhood.

This method makes home design more efficient by combining contemporary and traditional architecture.

Koro House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates
A minimalist Japang-style home design that next has, a unique name, you know! This house was named by the architect, Koro House. Koro House itself has a basic hexagonal shape, and is a unique shape in a Japanese residential area.

Unlike houses in general, the window in this house is placed in the area above the building, so it will act like a skylight that presents natural lighting from all angles.

Coupled with wood material furniture, this minimalist Japanese-style home design, so it is more comfortable and bright. The wooden structure that hangs in this house, creates an attractive space to play with light and shadow that acts like a sundial.

House in Minamimachi 03 by Suppose Design Office
One last minimalist Japanese-style house, is a work of the Suppose Design Office, which is often referred to as House in Minamimachi 03.

Lighting is placed well so that it can integrate with the room in it. House in Minamimachi 03 solves problems simply and well which results in a large, bright inner space.

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