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Kampono House, Unique Design with Curved Facade

This 2017 project was very well designed and was also interesting by one of the renowned architectural studios namely RAW Architecture with its architect Realrich Sjarief.

The building design on this land utilizes the land situation and maximizes its potential which is located on the corner of the road.

By developing axial lines and also curves on the exterior and interior, the surrounding environment becomes more exposed.

Land orientation becomes an influential thing in home design as an opportunity to maximize the entry of light and outside views into the house.

Inspired by the profession of Mrs. Adhisty, the wife of a client who is a ballerina so that the house has a unique formation that looks like a dancing house.

The room feels very spacious due to the height of the room which reaches a height of 4 meters.

On the ceiling there is a glass window which is also equipped with an air circulation system.

On this ground floor in addition to the living room, there is a dining room, guest room and also a swimming pool.

This pool is next to a curved roof and has views of the surrounding environment.

Not only the pool which is on the ground floor, this house also has a garden area located on its roof.

This area is also used as a place to relax and also to hold a garden party.

On the first floor there are three bedrooms next to the main stairs.

On this floor there is also a study room that faces directly towards the swimming pool.

This room serves as a family room.

The materials used in the design of this house are local materials such as Tulungagung marble, merbau solid wood, and steel pipes for the handrail.

Handrail is designed, of course, to protect the safety of children in the home.

Then in the outdoor section, ‘Kampono House’ is covered with exposed concrete material.

This kampono house has an exterior design that looks unique due to its curved walls and exposed material.

But not only aesthetics are concerned, RAW architecture also considers circulation in the home so that the circulation system is well designed to deal with the tropical climate in the area of Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang.

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