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Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

Because in the kitchen is full of various equipment and food ingredients, the availability of kitchen storage cabinets becomes important. Especially if you make a modern kitchen interior design style, surely the kitchen storage cabinet is an inseparable part of the design element.

So that there is no confusion with many kitchen cabinets, here are 7 inspirations of kitchen storage cabinets that can be used as a reference for Friend !? Like what was the inspiration?

Inspiring navy blue coook kitchen storage cabinets for an elegant impression
Elegant impression can also be presented in the residential kitchen, you know ?!

This inspirational style of navy blue kitchen storage cabinets is perfect for you, who has a firm and authoritative character, but wants to make the kitchen area look elegant. Well, this navy blue color choice is very suitable to be applied.

Inspiring kitchen storage cabinets as high as the room
For those of you who love cooking so much, but have problems with the limitations of the room, I think that inspiring kitchen storage cabinets that are as tall as this room can be a solution!

Without a gap to show the walls of the room, the storage cabinet will give the impression of a magnificent and large room. But don’t forget to choose colors that are soft and soothing, so that the kitchen still feels comfortable.

All-white is still a favorite design of kitchen storage cabinets
The charm of white as a residential interior color is endless. The clean, spacious and honest impression makes many homeowners fall in love with white. Likewise with the selection of the following kitchen cabinet designs, the clean and tidy impression emitted by this white cabinet makes the kitchen atmosphere cleaner.

Well, in order to make the appearance in the kitchen area not appear monotonous, try to choose an open storage cabinet design like this!

Especially if it is filled with colorful cooking furniture like this inspiration!

The use of glass cabinets makes the kitchen more attractive
If you want to get a more charming kitchen atmosphere, maybe the use of glass-door cabinets could be an alternative!

Kitchen cabinet made of wood which is everyone’s dream
If the kitchen cabinet application is made of wood like this, it must be really pretty right ?!

The classic look of wood texture will certainly be very beautiful if combined with tiled walls. The prominent wood color gives a warm and natural impression in the room.

Want to look unusual, choose a black kitchen cabinet
For those who want a unique design that is out of the box, maybe try a black kitchen cabinet to fill the kitchen area, so it’s a form that is worth a try.

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