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But now, along with the development needs, in homes that are quite adequate in size, the presence of two types of kitchens is starting to bloom!

So, what is the difference between a dry and wet kitchen that must be known?

So a dry kitchen or often called a pantry, is a type of kitchen that serves to help you prepare a type of snack, such as breakfast.

In addition, in this dry kitchen it is often also called by the name of a beautiful kitchen, because here is a place where you can display cooking utensils and cutlery that can be a decorative focal point!

The use of wood floors, granite material on the kitchen table to the unique cabinet design of the kitchen cabinet is an indisputable attraction.

Because the activity in the dry kitchen is also not complicated, right!

But this is certainly different from a wet kitchen, which is the main area of ​​all cooking activities at home.

In a wet kitchen, there must be a stove, cooker hood, frying pan, pot, sodet, etc. for cooking.

So in the kitchen, just dry enough to provide a toaster, microwave and coffee maker, Buddy  can already serve breakfast.

Intensity used For people who are super busy, it looks like the existence of a pantry will be far more effective.

The problem is that besides its size is not large, the aspects of cleanliness and maintenance are also easy, friend!

And for the intensity of the use of the pantry will be more optimal in the morning, when breakfast time arrives.

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