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Living Room Decoration in the Rainy Season!

When the rainy season arrives, of course, it takes an impression and a warm atmosphere in residential.

So of course things like interior design styles also require design styles that also give the impression of warmth in the room.

That also must be done in designing the living room in the dwelling.

What are the elements of living room decoration that must be available when the rainy season arrives?

The rainy season is coming then it’s time to choose a warm memorable room color When the rainy season arrives, don’t you feel cold or empty inside the shelter ?!

You see, the cold and cool atmosphere spread by the rainy season is vulnerable to the effects of loneliness and cold ?!

Rainy season arrives, the design of the living room with wood materials is more appropriate If you have chosen a warm room color tone, you can, to collaborate the nuances of warm colors in the living room with the use of furniture from wood materials.

Don’t forget to add a blanket to the sofa area When the rainy season arrives, the warm atmosphere must be sought everywhere, including in the house.

So when you are deciding to change the style of interior design in the living room, then don’t forget to add a blanket accent, to sweeten the sofa area in the living room.

But it doesn’t hurt too, if you want a different style of living room decoration by applying a carpet model piled in the living room.

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