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Best Living Room Paint Color

The impression of clean, airy and bright is one of the factors that influence comfort in the living room. But if the impression is crunchy and shabby that is found in the living room, friend, then it’s time to re-paint it! But, so that the color combination of the living room looks more attractive, try to apply the following color.

But maybe it’s not impossible, you know, the nuances of the living room of Sobat Rooang’s residence will be more interesting.

Because it’s good if you want to repaint the living room, so my friend must adjust to the interior design concept of the living room. So that it can produce a beautiful and attractive living room appearance.

Repainting the living room with bright colors
When the living room is shabby then the process of repainting with bright colors, like orange or yellow will give a cheerful feel you know!

The yellow color itself is interpreted as a color that symbolizes peace and joy. So it is really suitable to be applied as a new color, for a living room that already looks shabby and stuffy.

If the orange color itself is interpreted as a cheerful color, warm but bold, because orange is the color obtained from the merging of red and yellow. And one of the right paint color choices, you know, to change the atmosphere in your living room.

The cool paint color choices
For cool room paint colors, of course blue or green is the answer.

See how beautiful the shades of blue in the living room above. Because they chose dark blue tones, the elegant and edgy feel was so strong in this room.

Meanwhile, if you choose a light blue tone, cool shades feel more in the room like being reminded us of the atmosphere on the beach.

But if you feel more fresh and cold feel more when you apply green, maybe the inspiration above can be tried.

In fact, nowadays there are many houses that apply contemporary colors such as gray, pink, maroon, mint-green, to purple.

The re-application of the living room wall with two different color tones, can make the living room more beautiful.

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