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Long House Bandung has an Amazing Design

The problem is that the design of the house called ‘Long House’ in the city of Bandung is amazing !! Like what’s interesting, the interior design of this Long House Bandung?

Bandung Long House Design Looks Sweet and Minimalist
The design of the ‘Long House’ Bandung, which is located on 665 square meters of land, is the result of TWS & Partners’ design. It is located in the north of Bandung, able to stand out with the green design of the home environment.

Being far from the crowded streets of Bandung, of course this house is very comfortable to be inhabited with family. From the outside, this house looks magnificent because the building is fairly high. So the ‘Long House’ Bandung building looks cute and minimalist.

While the other two masses are parallel but different, thus giving a unique shape to the exterior of the building.

Looks Unique from the Outside, But Efficient Inside the Building
Because Long House Bandung stands on a large residential area and has a large green open area, then surely every guest who will come into this residence is stunned by the beautiful view that is presented.

The combination of concrete and wood material has indeed become one of the normal things in designing. But in the design of this Long House Bandung house TWS & Partners managed to execute the design to be beautiful and unique. Not only consists of buildings, but the land is also used for open parks, so that the house feels more comfortable and refreshing.

When walking into the house, there is a kind of long corridor that is designed beautifully with wooden floors and ceilings. While on the walls there are parts that are uniquely designed, some are open with support poles, but there are also those that are designed to have a unique pattern with dark brown wood accents.

On the ground floor there are public spaces such as living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, and other service areas. The number of openings in this residence provides a cool view into the interior area of ​​the room.

Even a cool and warm impression can also be a friend in the bathroom, which feels roomy with wide openings overlooking the garden.

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