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Luxury Dining Room in a Minimalist Residential

Usually the minimalist dwelling does have a simple dining room design. But in order not to be mainstream, what if you make a fancy dining room design? Eits, make no mistake, even in minimalist residences the impression of luxury can still be smartly tricked! Then what should I do, how to design a stylish luxury dining room in a minimalist residence? Here, see some tips and tricks.

Luxury dining room in a limited space, can be tricked by the selection of furniture
To create a luxurious dining room design in a minimalist minimalist dwelling, can be tricked by choosing the right furniture material.

Luxurious impression will definitely be felt if the glass table with iron legs adorn your dining room. Because of the size that is not too broad, the use of a round table is much more effective to use, in a minimalist small dwelling.

The use of sparkling colors
The impression of luxury and elegance is very closely related to the use of colors that have a sparkling effect. The sparkling colors for example gold and silver.

So even though the shape or model of the furniture is small, but with the choice of gold and silver colors can certainly create an impression of luxury in your dining room.

Arranging the dining table with table settings
The concept of setting a dining table with a table setting is usually only done for restaurants in five star hotels or when there is a celebration party. But there’s nothing wrong, you know, to realize the appearance of this table setting, in your dining room, buddy.

Arrangement like the above can make the appearance of the dining room at home more luxurious, right ?! With a neat and elegant arrangement like that at the same time can dismiss the notion that, not all of the tiny dining room seemed cramped. Because, with the right arrangement, the impression of luxury and elegance will actually beautify the dining room of Sobat Rooang’s residence.

luxury dining room
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Although not every day arranging the dining table with this neat, but at least the element of ‘luxury’ can be felt in the dining room that is not large and minimalist.

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