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Maintain Kitchen Cleanliness Like This

Cleaning and maintaining kitchen cleanliness is one of the mandatory activities for housewives that must be done every day besides cooking. Especially in areas that are prone to germs such as dishes, minimalist kitchen sets, or kitchen corners.

Especially in the kitchen area, food for all family members is prepared. So that the kitchen is free of bacteria, here are some tips that can be applied.

So it’s good if the dishwashing sponge is replaced regularly with new ones so that bacteria don’t multiply there.

Washing Hands Is Also Included How to Maintain Kitchen Cleanliness! Because the hands are one of the biggest media for spreading bacteria.

Clean the sink and refrigerator
Refrigerators and sinks for washing dishes, including areas that contain lots of bacteria and a place that is liked by bacteria to breed. For that, make sure to always clean the sink and refrigerator regularly.

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