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Make a Dream House With Limited Budget

Having your own home would be everyone’s dream. But the high price of building materials is a separate problem that constrains homeowners. Well, that’s why present an interesting inspiration about housing with a limited budget that can be used as guidelines.

The use of concrete and wood materials to reduce the budget, but get a charming design results
This simple house uses an open house layout where as much as possible not to use a partition in it. To minimize costs, the completion of this house is made very simple. However, the results obtained are very charming! The combination of concrete and wood makes this residential look with a limited budget really beautiful!

On the ground floor of the house, there is a common room such as a kitchen, dining room, living room which is also a family room. Inside the cube there are bathrooms, bookshelves and televisions, kitchen storage shelves, and stairs leading to the upper floors.

While on the upper floor there are three bedrooms whose floors are designed from wood so as to give the impression of a comfortable space. The large windows as tall as the room are designed so that light can enter the room as much as possible. It also will highlight the design elements from outside the home.

For the sake of providing comfort with limited costs, the architect prefers to invest the cost in applying energy efficiency to the building rather than finishing the scope of the house. The glass door is also one of the architect’s choices so that the house does not seem closed and can show the uniqueness in it. In the outdoor part of the house is also equipped with an open garden that surrounds the house.

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