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Make a Relaxing Room in This Spot!

The existence of a special area as a lounge in the house, for some people is quite important.

Functioning as a space to unwind, enjoy a hobby or just rest, usually the lounge is made as comfortable as possible.

To create a fun lounge,  can adjust the concept of the lounge as you wish.

But you know, if the lounge in the house can be made at an unexpected spot?

An unexpected place next to which can be turned into a lounge?

Here it is, there is a great inspiration to be copied by Sobat .

Spot unexpected space relaxing near the window Not many friends, , are accustomed to designing lounge in this area.

The thing is this area, including one of the unexpected spots that exist in dwellings that are rarely touched or transformed into a relaxing area.

But the concept of window seat is indeed very suitable to be used to relax while reading a book, when there is free time at home.

Create a lounge in the attic If the attic is usually used to store household items that are not used or damaged, but who would have thought if the attic could be a comfortable place to use as a relaxing room.

Like inspiration above, you can juggle and design a comfortable and fun lounge in the attic!

You can even turn this attic into a hobby room, which is a special place for you to work on hobbies like painting, writing songs, or sewing clothes.

Relax in the corner of the room If your house is not too big and there are no more hidden rooms that can be used as a relaxing room, do not be too sad huh!

It has been transformed into a comfortable and exciting relaxing space like the inspiration below!

So that Buddy  can still relax comfortably and happily while releasing fatigue.

The room down the stairs is the most comfortable lounge One of the spots or unexpected places in the house, but often used as a relaxing room is the staircase.

To make it more comfortable, Buddy  can put a fairly thick and soft base with cute pillows there.

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