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Make Betah Pas Social Distancing, 8 Ways to Arrange Your Home So Comfortable

Home sweet home is an expression that arises because someone feels that home is the place to go back and relax after a busy and tiring day. There is a longing phrase here.

Home comfort is certainly the most important factor to make you feel at home or longing to go home. Reporting from the Poshpennies and Morning Chores websites, here are 8 ways to organize your house so it is comfortable and makes you feel at home!

If you want to make your home comfortable, don’t be lazy to clean the dust.

Clean up to the corners of your desk, cupboard, and window! In addition to cleaning the dust, you also have to clean up other messes in your house.

This can stress you out and become lazy at home. If our house looks clean and neat, surely you will feel comfortable!

Add a comfortable pillow and get rid of the flat
Pillows are items that can provide instant comfort. Its soft texture makes your mind relax when you lay your head on it.

But, don’t forget to provide some pillows at home. If necessary, put pillows in each corner of the house such as the living room, family room, and bed.

Do not forget to also regularly replace the pillowcase, yes!

There are various furniture in the house, such as cupboards, tables, and beds.

The addition of plants as if to give a little touch of nature that makes it fresh. This is able to refresh the eyes and also the air in the room.

Choose greenery that is easy enough to be treated indoors!

Give a touch of a refreshing or soothing aroma with air freshener

The neat house is indeed very refreshing and soothing. The scent like this, might make you feel cold and sting to be inhaled.

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The solution, give fragrance from aromatherapy candles. Place it in the corner of the room, in the room, or in the family room. You can choose the aroma of lavender, vanilla, or cinnamon. Inhaling the sweet scent, will make you relax.

Optional but can be tried, namely by decorating a plain wall with a number of ornaments

You can hang any decoration on the wall, starting with anything important like a clock or a funny animal photo. You can also display your own paintings on the wall. You can display simple or lively paintings.

Create a corner of the house that can give you maximum comfort

Even though your house is very comfortable, try to create a special corner that becomes your best place to unwind. You can create this corner anywhere, like your desk or a small room near the stairs.

In addition, you can add things to increase comfort.

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