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Make Christmas Decorations Like Royal!

Every year, the atmosphere of Christmas decorations throughout the world is definitely festive.

If so, this festive Christmas decoration, just brought it into your living room family room?

Then roughly, how do I make festive Christmas decorations in the atmosphere of European kingdoms?

Make a festive Christmas decoration using lots of red ornaments.

The thing is that the celebration of Christmas at home will not be complete without putting red ornament decorations in the family room, as the center for family members to gather.

Present shades of gold for a festive decoration.

The festive atmosphere of Christmas celebrations in the kingdoms in Europe there, usually does bring some gold nuance accent elements.

Of course this is in accordance with the image of a European kingdom that is classic, luxurious and grand.

Gold accents will blend nicely and attractively, if you apply it in a Christmas tree decoration like the inspiration above.

Choose curtains made from thick so that the atmosphere of the family room is more familiar The classic style of room decor is already identical with thick materials.

Included in the selection of curtain materials that will be used in the family room when Christmas celebration arrives.

Thick curtain materials such as velvet will give the impression of a family room to be elegant and charming.

Moreover, usually it is, the location of the family room and dining room are close together.

So that making Christmas decorations on the dining table is also a tradition that should not be missed.

And so that the dining table looks attractive at Christmas dinners, don’t forget to put a candle in the middle of the dining table, so that the atmosphere of a classic European-style dining atmosphere feels strong.

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