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Make Home Design According to Personality

Like the facade style model, let’s see the full story here. A facade style model for homeowners who like tranquility. For homeowners who have a calm and relaxed personality, they usually prefer to apply a facade style model of a house made of wood.

By applying the style of the wooden facade model in the form of a grille, usually it will indeed make the impression calm, relaxed and warm at home. Moreover, this wood material is very suitable to be applied in Indonesian homes, because it is very suitable with our country’s tropical climate.

For those who like to socialize the facade style of a house dominated by glass is more appropriate

If you are a personal type who really likes sharing and socializing, then the style of the house facade with the dominance of the use of glass and window material is the right style for you.

Besides being able to enjoy the abundance of morning sun and moonlight every night, the view in the beautiful courtyard of the house can be directly enjoyed by your friend from inside the house.

For those who have a unique personality, contemporary home facade style is more appropriate

The look of the facade style of the contemporary house, because of its minimalist but asymmetrical cock really for you who have a unique personality.

Those who have the personality to admire antiques certainly like the classic facade style

For the appearance of a classic facade of a house, usually according to the homeowners who also admire antiques. It makes it to show their liking for antiques, classic style is a choice.

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