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Make Safe Stairs For Children

Household stairs are one important part of a house. Well, so that the existence of a safer ladder at home you know what to do. What, tips and tricks for designing stairs that are safe for children?

Stairs that are safe for children, you have to attach the handle
One of the most basic ways to design stairs that are safe for children is to install a handrail.

So that the hand grip is not slippery, Friend Rooang can use abrasive material so that the grip becomes safer.

Because it is usually in order to design stairs that are safe for children do not choose slippery floor surface materials.

Friend, you can use more abrasive materials such as marble or wood. In addition, Buddy Rooang can also attach a rubber mat on the surface of the stairs to make it safer.

Avoid using confusing carpet motifs
Installing carpets that have beautiful motifs or applying paint with bright colors can indeed make the decoration of the stairs look more beautiful and charming.

Because it will be safer if Buddy Rooang can see the steps of the stairs more clearly.

To be safe, install bright lighting
During the daytime the lighting in the stairwell area does look bright and sufficient. But don’t forget to pay attention to it at night, buddy Rooang.

So that the household stairs are safer, it’s good for friends Rooang does not put too much stuff on the stairs for safety and comfort. If you want to place a flower vase or other decorative accents on the stairs, be sure to place it on the edge so it doesn’t interfere

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