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Make Shelter Feel Playful With a Mirror!

Because, there are still mirror elements that you can use as an interesting form of ornamental decoration.

Then what makes this apartment look beautiful?

This cube room was named by the architect as the ‘golden cube’ whose walls were covered by mirror panels.

Because the reflection of the mirror creates an illusion, the view that is seen from the bedroom area to the gathering area becomes the entrance of visitors to be able to witness something unique and amazing in this apartment.

Material selection must be appropriate to the needs Because the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis apartment is limited, the selection of the right material is very important to note.

Therefore, the elements of wood, mirror and bright colors were chosen by the designer to give a pleasant interior impression.

Especially by applying a mirror wall in the room, the interior of this tiny apartment looks spacious!

In addition, the design of the furniture is made multifunctional, making there are many places that can also be used as a place to store goods needed by the occupants.

The combination of wood, mirror and yellow is perfect The use of wood flooring materials and white and yellow colors as an accent to the interior of this apartment, gives a playful yet simple impression that is sweet in the eye.

In addition, a combination of wood, white and yellow mirrors is a perfect combination of designs, in this apartment, friend!

The three decoration elements are very synergistic with each other, thus creating a cozy, warm and pleasant apartment atmosphere.

Interested in using a mirror partition like the design concept above for your home?

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