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Make storage under the stairs

The stairs that serve as a link between the first floor and the second floor must be an area in a residential area that must be utilized properly. The thing is the bathroom at the bottom of the house is much more needed than on the top floor.

Space for storing goods is also a form of proper use of a stairwell
In addition to being a room or bathroom area, you can also use it as a storage room. Storage area with sliding shelves allows various items to be stored neatly. When you take it or put it, it doesn’t fall apart because it’s easy to reach.

May be used as a storage room for your friends’ shoes collection

So that when exiting or entering the house, various purposes are easily stored, sought or placed to keep it neat.

Being a productive and quiet workspace for work
If you don’t have a lot of room in your house to work productively, it could be that the downstairs stairs are used.

Interested in making use of which room under the stairs, buddy?

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