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Make The Dining Room Feel Big

Cleverness and ingenuity in arranging a small dining room, certainly very necessary.

Moreover, these skills are used to make a tiny dining room function optimally.

Because a pleasant dining room can also give a mood and a pleasant impression when dining with family.

So as to optimize the dining room, smart ways are needed to get around the tiny dining room.

The use of skylights or windows in a small dining room, it has become a solution that can be applied.

To get it, Buddy  can utilize the natural light of the sun or by using a lamp.

Not only serves to maximize light, the use of decorative lighting in the dining room area also makes it look more beautiful and attractive.

The smart way to decorate a small dining room with a color game Colors that can give a broad effect to the room are neutral colors that are bright and soft, like white.

But if you want to use other colors so they don’t look monotonous with one color, you can combine these colors through certain accents or room accessories.

So that the tiny dining room still looks spacious and beautiful.

The most important thing in the dining room is a table and chairs.

If the placement of the dining room is in the kitchen area, Buddy  can get around the area and the kitchen to be more spacious with the use of cabinets or shelves attached to the wall.

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