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Make The Living Room More Impressive

This color choice is in accordance with the personality and first impression for those of you who are in the living room. The impression of romance, calm, clean, pure, and fresh is in the colors purple, blue, green, black and white.

Guests like attractive colors that can make guests like your room and feel comfortable visiting again. When visiting and visiting colors is the main goal of the eye to look at other people’s homes, the first time we see and we find the comfort is the living room. Therefore, the color and concept also need to be considered you know, so that guests feel comfortable to linger in your home!

Because color is quickly caught by the senses of the eye and gives a first “wow” impression to the guest.

Purple Give a Romantic Impression in the Room
Don’t be surprised if you often find the living room choosing a purple concept with interesting motifs and the right color combination. Besides being romantic, this color also symbolizes peace and understanding. The family that occupies it is fairly harmonious and easily communicates well. Magnificent, dignified royalty also includes the meaning of the color purple.

Joy emanates from the color yellow in the living room
The yellow color seems very striking than other colors, but this color is a color that gives a feel of joy and excitement you know!

This bright color contrast can make you feel at home relaxing and tasting a cup of warm coffee together.

Relax with the Green with Guests
The presence of this color, synonymous with coolness, shade and smells natural and refreshing when applied indoors. Displaying various natural-themed trinkets like leaves makes those who stop by can feel like they are in the middle of the trees.

Blue Symbols Peace in the Room
Besides bright, blue can be interpreted as peace. Calm and responsible are the colors depicted in blue.  Using this color concept is perfect for those of you who like the atmosphere of the beach and calmness in the room.

Black and White Neutral and Clean
The average black and white enthusiast is male, besides this simple color can also be paired with any color. Strong, sturdy and elegant is typical of the color black.

Yet if this color is juxtaposed with white which symbolizes purity, pure, clean the color seems to match. Making these two colors as monochrome motifs or stripes can also be, because this motif is modern and simple to make in the living room.

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