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Make Work Environment More Comfortable

Aromatherapy which has been known to refresh the air in the bedroom, you can also use to refresh the workspace.

Just adjust the aroma you want to use in the workspace, then place the aromatherapy in the corners of the workspace so that the fresh aroma can spread evenly.

Decorate your work table with beautiful ornamental plants
One more thing, a way that can be done to get rid of an unhealthy work environment in your office, which is by decorating the desk with greenery.

This was done in order to make the atmosphere in your workspace, look cooler and more beautiful. In addition, the green color that emanates from the type of plant can create stress due to reduced workload.

Stacks of papers, presentation material files, pencils, pens, rulers, calculators to cable gadgets that are often scattered on this desk, which usually makes the stress increase in the office.

Now, so that stress does not continually attack your mind and body, then immediately clean your desk from unnecessary items.

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