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Make Your Bathroom Better!

The concept of a bathroom interior can be played from various sides.

Therefore, the use of bathroom details can greatly affect the beauty and comfort in the bathroom, you know, .

Well, these details can be displayed through several bathroom products.

Toilet with a Minimalist Style The toilet shower is one of the small bathroom details, but it has a quite crucial function in the bathroom area, .

Besides having to pay attention to quality, Buddy  can also choose a toilet shower with an attractive appearance.

With a minimalist modern model made from high quality ABS plastic and glossy chrome plated, this one toilet shower reinforces the impression of luxury and modernity in the bathroom interior.

Bathroom Details Can Also Be Displayed Through Unique Sinks.

The number of sinks with various models, makes it easier for Buddy  to choose an attractive sink and is suitable for application in the bathroom.

So if you are bored with square sinks, you can choose AER’s unique oval-style sink.

The shape is quite unique, giving the impression of luxury and different in the bathroom interior.

Not monotonous.

Moreover, the sink material is made of quality ceramics.

Not only does it have the impression of elegance and beauty to look at, but the process of maintaining and cleaning it is also easier, you know, .

Elegant And Modern Sink Faucets By applying a unique faucet, it turns out that Buddy  can make an ordinary bathroom look more prominent and luxurious.

So that Buddy  can also consider allocating special funds to buy this good and high quality AER sink faucet.

With hot-cold faucet facilities, this faucet has a minimalist, unique and elegant model.

So it is suitable to be applied if you want to create an impression of elegance, prominence and luxury in the bathroom.

No need to worry about leakage of the handlebar, because AER also provides a 5-year leakage guarantee for the ceramic handlebar, .

Because later the toilet models are unique and different from the usual toilet can accentuate the beauty of the bathroom interior.

The selection of high-quality materials is intended so that the toilet choice of Sobat  is durable and strong for everyday use for a long period of time.

So if you want to get a bathroom toilet with quality models and materials, you don’t need to hesitate to find it at AER.

One of the leading sanitary companies in Indonesia whose products have been exported to various countries such as, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar & Thailand.

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