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Making Cool Patio Terraces Naturally

And certainly, the nature of the residential terrace is cool and cold, considering its location which is directly adjacent to the exterior of the residence.

But if you are forced to put the residential terrace located rather protruding into the inside of the dwelling, what is the right way or step to make the residential terrace feel naturally cool?

Choose colors that soothe the eye To make a residential terrace that feels naturally cool, Buddy  can start by choosing the right color of the room.

The choice of colors that give the impression cool can affect the mood and the atmosphere becomes cold.

Bright colors like white, light blue or light green, for example.

In addition to giving the impression of cool, bright colors also give the impression of calm in the room.

Do not put too much furniture If you want to make a residential terrace that feels cool and airy, it’s a good idea to avoid putting too much furniture on.

Selecting items that are not too important can help the room feel more spacious and refreshed.

Creating a cool residential terrace can be achieved by raising the ceiling of the room Making high ceilings can also conjure up a terrace room to feel cold even without air conditioning.

With high ceiling tricks, the room feels more spacious and not crowded.

In addition, with a high ceiling can also help the air more easily rotate in the room through the cracks of the room, thus making your residential terrace feel cooler.

Maximizing air ventilation Air exchange between the air in the room and the air outside the room would bring good impact and keep the room fresh.

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