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Masculine Bathroom Design Inspiration

Now many consider the bathroom as a place of relaxation and need attention in terms of design. Bathroom design is now increasingly diverse, one of which is masculine.

Collection from Keramag can be used as inspiration for bathroom design.

The Citterio and Xeno2 sinks in the Le Chateau showroom in the Barito area, South Jakarta have masculine and elegant colored cabinets.

This German brand designs complete bathroom needs, starting from bathtub, shower tray, sink, to bathroom furniture.

The advantage of all Keramag products is the KeraTect ceramic material which can protect the product from bacteria and is not easily damaged when interacting with hard-made cleaners.

The Citterio sink is the work of an Italian designer and architect, Antonio Citterio, who comes with complementary furniture.

Intended for two users, Xeno2 combines architectural forms with natural forces.

Keramag supposes it is like a natural stone that has been carved by water for centuries.

The sink design by Robin Platt, a British designer, is also suitable for natural bathrooms.

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