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Maximize Decoration of Family Room

What are the ways of decorating this unknown family room?

For example the inspiration for the decoration of the family room above. The combination of navy blue, white and yellow accents seemed to give the room a pleasant atmosphere to the eye. Especially with the yellow accents that appear in the corner spots of the room, able to spread the aura of happiness and joy in the living room dominated by the mysterious navy blue impression.

Decorate a family room with a texture game
Problem combination or game texture ingredients in an interior design, in fact it is also important to be taken into consideration decorating the room. And this should also be done when you will decorate the family room friend you know! The problem is how to decorate a family room with this texture game, it can be suitable for a model room that is not too large.

As an example of inspiration above, for example, in one eye view there are various forms of texture play that spoil the eye material. So that makes the design of the family room look attractive!

Decorate a family room by putting multifunctional furniture
Choose furniture with a variety of functions, if you want to use the family room for various types of activities.

So, so I’m not confused anymore, how about trying to decorate the living room walls using wall stickers or wallpaper.

So it looks more unique right, if the decoration of the living room using wallpaper or wall art models like this! Looks mainstream, you know, friend. . .

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