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Mezzanine Design Inspiration For Your Tiny Residential

Spacious housing that is increasingly limited sometimes becomes an obstacle for homeowners in realizing their dream dwellings. With a narrow home area, homeowners must work out how to design a residential that is comfortable to live in. However, with the right design, small dwellings can seem spacious and remain aesthetic.

One way that can be applied to small dwellings is to apply mezzanine design. Generally this area serves as a place to relax, playroom, bedroom.

The addition of mezzanine floors in the house will make the house look more spacious. As inspiration, here are 8 mezzanine designs that you can apply to your home.

The Mezzanine Concept for a Versatile Living Room

You can fill the mezzaine floor with an extra sofa or chair, bookshelves, TV, lights or something else.

The Mezzanine Concept for the Bedroom

The addition of mezzanine floors to the main bedroom is also not difficult to do. A minimalist design with a touch of white can also help the house to remain impressed spacious or not cramped.that it can be functional and comfortable. You can also present a mini library in the work area.

For some types of hotels and apartments, many also carry designs like this. Using the concept of mezzanine with a modern space layout makes the atmosphere more comfortable. Well interestingly, the mezzanine upstairs is used as a bathroom with glass walls. For that, just give a room that is not too broad, but give interesting ornaments for bathroom use. This concept is also suitable for you to apply in your home.

The Mezzanine concept for Wardrobe

You can use the mezzanine floor in your room as an open clothing storage area.

This will save space while adding to the aesthetics of your room. Most importantly, make sure the bedroom has a high ceiling so that the room does not look crowded and full. Don’t forget to equate the theme with the concept of space.

The Mezzanine Concept Above Storage

With a design like this, even small dwellings have a large additional storage area. Covertly designed, storage looks neat.

Adding a mezzanine floor will help you get additional space. No need to have a large area, mezzanine floors are considered very effective and also maximize the available space. Happy creation!

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