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Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspirations

Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands treat the bathroom as the ultimate place of relaxation, even more than the living room.

Here are 12 minimalist bathroom designs that can be an inspiration for your home:Maximize spectacular natural scenery by using wide glass doors.

This is one of Viega’s bathroom design inspirations that features a flush plate product called Visign for More Sensitive.Bathroom works by RT + Q Architects.
In this house, the child’s bathroom is adjacent to the living room and stairs to the room.
Using a sunroof can provide pleasant natural lighting.

Very flexible and can adjust to the bathroom layout.Xeno2 by Antonio Citterio from Keramag. The under-basin cabinet is coated with a dark colored glass plate designed to match the side shelf.
This design is suitable for masculine-style bathrooms.

The 16-square-meter master bathroom represents the concept of the lifestyle of today’s modern people who spend more time in the bathroom.

Bathing while watching videos or reading news feels relaxed. Shower box in the form of a mirror can provide a roomy effect for a small bathroom.

Neutral colors like brown, white, and gray can add a sense of relax in the bathroom.

Mix fresh colors to accompany the surrounding natural scenery

To give a dramatic impression and a bright atmosphere in the bathroom, provide a ceiling grille to provide natural lighting. Using transparent bathroom products and accessories can make a bathroom look spacious.

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