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Minimalist Facade Design by Indonesian Architects

This is also what several prominent Indonesian architects designed the charming minimalist home facade design style, such as the example below!

Minimalist home facade design style with line elements
The first minimalist home facade design style inspiration comes with the dominance of vertical stripes, friend. This minimalist house is the work of the famous Indonesian architect, Cosmas Gozali.

With the dominance of the form of simple building mass elements, then the typical geometric minimalist house, the elements of the lines at the front of the house are present to add to the appeal of this residence. The consistency aspect of this minimalist house facade design style, makes it still look elegant and aesthetic.

Minimalist house facade style with concrete material
The next minimalist house facade design style appears a bit conventional, with a choice of concrete materials. Even though the composition of the mass of the house is conventional, the facade of this house still looks stunning by highlighting the color of white and gray monochrome, friend.

Monochrome color itself has become something that is often found in minimalist home models, friend. Moreover, every element of the window frames and other openings of the minimalist home facade, is believed to help to give a minimalist face to a home.

Minimalist home facade of geometric shapes
The look of the next minimalist facade of the house, does not appear prominent but appears with an attractive geometric shape style.

Minimalist house facade named House at Pasteur by ADDO Architect It has a dominant white color, but is enriched with attractive geometric shapes. The use of textured materials that are the point of interest of this minimalist home facade, you know!

Asymmetrical facade style is also interesting to display
Another minimalist facade of the house is a minimalist house by Andyrahman Architect, named the sloping house. The name of this house is inspired by this minimalist facade of the house which is indeed made oblique or asymmetrical.

The dominant color of this minimalist home facade is a grayish color, which gets a warm impression from the beam of residential lights when night falls.

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