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Minimalist Fish Pond Design With A Beautiful Garden

For fish lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than seeing this one animal swimming around in a favorite fish pond. The fish that live in the back ponds of the house must definitely have a livable “house” that is visually good for garden design too. Minimalist fish pond is the best design that can be chosen to “dress up” a fish pond to make it look more aesthetic.

To make it happen, of course it takes some inspiration that can trigger the imagination to design the best minimalist pool.

Minimalist fish pond design that can give a reference.

Interested to see it?

Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration at Home
Minimalist Swimming Garden as a Liaison House
minimalist fish pond

Using a fish pond as access to the back garden is a very brilliant idea.

However, be careful not to splash when you enter at night, Friend.

Calm Your Mind with Natural Accents Around You
minimalist fish pond

This fish pond design is very integrated with the surrounding park.

Minimalist Fish Pond with “Waterfall”
minimalist fish pond

If you are bored with modern minimalist pools that are just like that, adding a “waterfall” can be an interesting solution.

In addition to beautifying the back garden as a whole, this minimalist pool waterfall also serves to maintain cleanliness in it.

Tetris Block in the Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This unique pool shape will remind you of one of the blocks in the Tetrtis game that you often played as a child.

In addition, the minimalist design offered by this pool will give a modern look to the garden behind the house.

Zen at Wabi House
minimalist fish pond

Designed by Sebastian Mariscal asritek, Wabi House in Southern Californian creates a calming element in the house by making koi ponds between the walls of Shou Sugi Ban.

“Tiered” Pool for Maximum Visual Experience
minimalist fish pond

If you like a pool with a unique design, it never hurts to try this one design.

separate ponds whose water moves from one pond to another certainly offers an experience of enjoying a different fish pond.

Back to nature
minimalist fish pond

Fish pond with natural design like the picture above can actually make the garden feel more natural.

If you want natural elements behind the house, you can choose the design of this pond.

Concrete Pool that Calms the Heart
minimalist fish pond

Who would have thought that a simple pond in the middle of the park could complement the park perfectly?

Minimalist Fish Pond for Koi Equipped with Foothold
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond design does look soothing.

The combination of plants and lights will make you want to linger over the little paradise behind this house.

Simple Design that Looks Smart
minimalist fish pond

This L-shaped pond does indeed seem very simple.

However, this pool model can bring up the modern side of a house.

Fish Ponds as a Complementary Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond is just a small part of the whole beautiful garden behind the house.

However, the existence of this pool can be a differentiator to bring balance in the park.

Luxurious Minimalist Fish Pond
The proof, this simple pool design can compensate for the luxurious look of this minimalist house.

Welcoming Guests in a Different Way
Not only behind the house, you can also bring a fish pond in the front of the house.

The minimalist fish pond model in front of this one house will surely impress the first guests.

Take the Lounge to the Next Level
Relax is no longer the same if you successfully apply this one inspiration.

Minimalist Fish Pond in the House with a Simple “Garden” Design
Bored with the design of fish ponds in the back garden?

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