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Minimalist Garden Inspiration In Various Angles Of The House

Did you know that June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day?

Don’t be confused!

Actually we can celebrate the commemoration from home.

Wow, it turns out the easy way!

By having plants at home, then you have helped celebrate.

You will also agree that a garden is important at home.

Yes, with a garden, the house will feel cool and able to make the residents feel comfortable.

However …

No need to worry!

You who have a minimalist home can also have a garden.

Know the various angles of garden placement at home.
Have a minimalist garden in the house.
Having a house with a unique garden.

In the middle of the article there will be an explanation of garden inspirations in the house.

Garden Outside the House Will Make Your Home Look Look More Beautiful

However …

Therefore, you certainly see a lot of minimalist houses that still make a garden in his house even though the park is small.

Here’s what you will get if you make a garden in front of the house:

Everyone who passes by will see your house looks very beautiful and cool.

If you make a garden behind your house you will also:

Can enjoy a beautiful house and plants will not be affected by road dust.

However, the disadvantages:

Choose Dwarf Plants But Shady
The existence of a tree can indeed make the house feel more calm and cool.

Here are some small plants to choose from:

Rambutan mini
Mini Manga
Mini longan
You can also use this to make the park more beautiful …

Yes, this plant does have a very unique and beautiful shape.

Therefore, bonsai will be very suitable when applied to all types of gardens.

To make it more interesting, you can plant some bonsai in your garden.

What is the best grass?

This type of grass does have the best quality when compared to other types of grass.

However …

You can also choose other types of grass that:

In accordance with your wishes and tastes.

However …

The existence of rocks can make the park look more natural.

Many types of stones can be chosen to decorate the park. Instead, choose a few rocks with different colors so that the park looks more unique.

You also must be clever in arranging it in the area around the park.


You can create an array of stones in your garden. With good creativity, the decoration on the garden will look very beautiful.

Other types of parks will also make the house look more unique, you know.

You only need to leave a little space in the house.

Garden In The House Makes A More Beautiful And Cool Look

Simply put, just imagine there is a small garden inside your house.

This park is considered practical to be applied and can make the house look more attractive.

To make it, you must:

Special room in the house to be used as a garden area

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