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Minimalist Hanging Ladder Design Style

But, you want to design a stair that is unique and different from the stairs in general? Now, so that the hanging stairs can look attractive and remain safe to use, first peek at the following unique designs!

Hanging stairs for a modern minimalist home design
A house with wooden material accent has always been the preferred design of all time. Moreover, wood materials produce the impression of luxury that is close to nature. So it’s really fitting, for applying the design of a hanging ladder in your modern minimalist style house.

So that the wooden hanging stairs can make your house look minimalist but seem warm.

To create a motif on a hanging ladder, it can be tricked by the preparation of metal wires that hang it. So the appearance of the stairs will be more artistic!

Model futuristic hanging stairs
This bright red staircase model was designed by Michaelis Boyd. So that inside we will feel like entering a mystical alley.

Well, this futuristic ladder design will be very interesting to try at your friend’s house right?

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