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Minimalist Home Balcony Design!

The balcony has an important role in the house because it is located in front of the house.

Although only as an additional function, the design of the balcony must still be carefully considered because it will affect the overall impression of the building.

And when you decide to design a minimalist style house, the balcony design must also be carefully considered.

To help you, will inspire 5 minimalist home balcony designs to apply to your home.

Unique minimalist home balcony design with vintage tiles Not entirely minimalist home design concepts that are all white and minimal decorative ornaments.

Because minimalism can also mean, that you put home furniture that fits the size and portion of the room.

And that also applies to the minimalist balcony design concept in residential.

Therefore, applying a vintage patterned floor tile is a decorative option that can be done.

And to make it even more exciting, you can add floor cushions or bean bags to complete the balcony area you have.

Minimalist minimalist balcony design with the presence of green plants Although the size of the balcony of your house is small and minimalist, don’t forget to bring green elements through the following ornamental plants!

The thing is, how is the green element important for physical and mental health and is good for refreshing the eyes when you are looking for a new atmosphere at home.

In addition, the balcony ornamental plants can make you friends as decoration ornaments too you know!

The problem is besides being able to put it in small pots that have cute designs, plants on the balcony can also be friends hanging like this!

Modern minimalist balcony design concept If you are lucky to have a wide balcony area, then featuring a modern minimalist concept will definitely be more appropriate.

With a wider balcony area than usual, you can even put a large sofa and table that can be used to relax during leisure time.

Minimalist and warm with wood material The use of wood material on a minimalist balcony gives a natural impression.

As in the picture, the minimalist balcony which is dominated by wood material, gives the impression of a warm and homey atmosphere so it is ideal to be a relaxing space with family.

Do not forget, also place a sofa with a sitting pillow so that the balcony feels more comfortable.

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