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Minimalist kitchen design inspiration, cool and not eat place

The kitchen is one element of the house that is very essential in everyday life. Especially if you have a hobby of cooking, the kitchen would be a special area that you really pay attention. But regardless of whether you like to cook or not, having a beautiful kitchen is a dream for everyone.

In the modern era, as now, minimalist kitchen design is still excellent for many circles.

Not only saves space, minimalist design also gives an aesthetic impression that is so pampering. Well for you who are looking for kitchen design inspiration, here are 10 minimalist kitchen inspiration.

Like this for example!

In addition to giving the impression of elegance, white color also conjures up a room so it looks more spacious.

Adding some greenery makes the kitchen view not monotonous. Very beautiful!

Cooking will definitely be more fun if the kitchen is cool, right?

Kitchen as well as dining table, really multifunctional.

Not just for cooking, having an Instagramable kitchen like this is also fun for making photo backgrounds.

For those who like wood elements in their homes, this one kitchen design can be an inspiration.

Colorful kitchen atmosphere can also make a good mood you know. Even cooking for hours is no problem.

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