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Minimalist Residential Fence Models Of Various Materials

Part of the facade of the house more beautiful with the fence model of the house, in addition to functioning for the security of the fence also has an aesthetic value that sharpens the design style of a house. For friends who want to follow the trend, you can find inspiration for the latest fence trends that are currently being sought after by many homeowners. The elements for making fences are very diverse, ranging from cement walls, wooden fences, iron fences, to bamboo fences which are also quite unique to use. Like what, inspiration for residential fence models from various materials? Here it is, examples of inspiration for all my friends.

Minimalist iron residential fence model
The strong structure of the iron fence model makes your house more awake, but usually the design of the fence using iron uses a vertical or horizontal model in which the fence forms a gap.

This can make your home page easily visible from the outside. But don’t worry about overcoming this problem, you can use a cover made of polycarbonate that will cover the gap in the fence so that the yard is not visible from the outside.

Type of residential fence from wood
Sometimes wood can be combined with an iron fence, because wood itself is used to make the natural accent more prominent, especially the type of home design that you choose is a minimalist style design, tropical or other design styles that require elements of wood as an addition to its beauty.

Because of that usually the wood used for fences is strong wood like Ulin wood, and other types of outdoor wood.

For the model itself can be free, even my friend can make various shapes and decoration using this wall fence. In addition, the wall fence can also be combined with natural stone models that will enhance your friend’s wall fence.

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