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Minimalist Stylish, Three-storey Residential Area

The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, feels very thick in the dwelling. 

This three-story dwelling has proven to be able to utilize the function of space very well.

Because this house is a type of Duplex house, which is two housing units that are attached to each other and treated as one package. 

But it still makes a difference anyway, the following three-story dwelling is different from the dwelling next to it.

With a minimalist style, the interior of the residence is very efficient Of course, the use of glass walls on the front of the dwelling, provides two effects for the dwelling.

The positive effect is that the shelter that looks narrow can feel wider and more spacious, air circulation and lighting will also feel more leverage.

But apart from the reduced sense of privacy due to the use of glass walls, the choice of a minimalist style of interior design is very appropriate for this residence.

Because, a simple minimalist style without a lot of decoration, can give the impression of spacious and airy, the occupancy of this limited extent.

A choice of shades of light brown make the living room feel warm and comfortable.

Plus a pastel colored bean bag, making the living room style sweet and attractive.

Next to the second floor, there is a dining room and kitchen which is quite spacious.

From the outside of the dwelling, looks the balcony of the house connected to the stairs outside the dwelling.

After climbing the stairs, the first thing seen is the relaxing area.

A soft round sofa installed in the corner of this room provides a comfortable space for residents to relax and take a break while watching TV.

Also read: Here are Tips for Using Pastel Colors for the Interior of Your Home The bedroom design is very minimalist with a combination of neutral colors like white, beige, and also gray.

Some hanging decorations look very sweet with the right proportions, as do some paintings on the walls of this room.

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