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Modern Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Make accent walls to add depth and variation to the wall. If there is a color that you like but is a bit too intense to paint throughout the bedroom, try to paint just one wall first. You can paint walls behind the bed, or other walls, for example wall with windows or windows. Then, choose a matching color for the rest of the wall.

For example, a magenta accent wall would be very suitable when paired with sand colored paint.

Use metallic accents and bold colors to add contrast and movement.

You can even paint accent walls to different color values ​​on other walls. For example, if your wall is light gray, you should choose a slate gray accent wall for a monochrome look.

Apply paint to the ceiling to add extra color to the room. Choose a color that will be paired with the color of the wall, and avoid using dark colors on the ceiling because it can produce the effects of claustrophobia (confined).

If you have a low ceiling, age it by painting it in bright white or pale blue.

Make a sample before deciding to use paint color.

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