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Modern & Small Bathroom Designs Ideas With Shower

Minimalist bathroom design looks spacious. The arrangement of the bathroom chosen can also describe the interior style of the house.

Well, here are some bathroom design recommendations that you can apply.

To get the natural atmosphere when bathing, the Coastal design should be the chosen design.

The atmosphere of the beach will be highlighted in this design, but still provides comfort.

The color choices for coastal designs are white, navy blue, and also Tosca green. Some color applications are used, making the bathroom atmosphere will stay warm.

Display options can use a series of shells or paintings with a beach theme.

Good lighting from lights or adequate ventilation, is one of the hallmark of Scandinavian bathroom design.

Minimal ornaments on display, and further emphasize the impression of simple.

Soft colors like white, and pastel are very appropriate to be applied. Scandinavian design, suitable for making a wider impression.

The selection of tiles with black and white combination like a chessboard, is very suitable to be carried on a Scandinavian design.

The bathroom design is the next recommendation, the Neo-classic design. The style that is carried is modern classic.

The design is enough to make you fall in love because it will get a luxurious and elegant feel.

Basically, the neo-classical design adopted from the Roman and Greek styles.

However, it will be directly proportional to the comfort and luxury that will be obtained.

The design is more focused on the ornaments used on the floor and also the walls, so it will look elegant.

The design emphasizes a comfortable atmosphere like a rural atmosphere.

Cool impression will be obtained, the support of some ornaments such as rocks and wood into an inseparable element.

As an additional impression that looks natural, can add some ornaments such as flower pots.

For those who want to get a middle eastern style atmosphere, Moroccan design suitable for your bathroom reference.

Various carvings are used, can make the bathroom feel more luxurious and magnificent.

Some ornaments such as wooden frames on the bathtub also support the Moroccan-themed style.

Some important bathroom design choices are considered, so that you will be able to get comfort while you are in the bathroom.

Thus, activities in the bathroom carried out become more cool and fun.

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