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Mulia Senayan Hotel, The Second Best Hotels in Asia

A five-star hotel located in the Senayan area, Mulia Senayan Hotel is the second most popular hotel in Indonesia in “Top Hotels in Asia”.

First opened in 1997, the hotel is even ranked 23rd in “The 50 Best Hotels in The World” in 2017.

Well, what about the Mulia Senayan Hotel, which also won the Best City Hotel in Jakarta in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013?

The lobby of the Mulia Senayan Hotel looks spacious, large and majestic.

Various furniture applied in the lobby area also interpret the impression of luxury you want to display.

Even the impression of luxury also looks stronger with the colors of furniture in the lobby area.

So that even though it is dominated by gray color which usually depicts simplicity, the impression of luxury still stays in the executive lounge.

As one of the best hotels in Jakarta, Mulia Hotel places a high priority on service and visitor satisfaction.

Available in several types, each type still provides the best facilities.

The reason is not only luxurious, to make visitors feel at home atmosphere of the hotel room, of course they make it as comfortable as possible.

The feel of marble is always successful in presenting the impression of luxury in the interior of the room right?

So it’s no wonder that the bathrooms in Mulia Senayan Hotel rooms also adopt this concept.

Complete with shower room and bathtub, the bathroom also looks luxurious and perfect with various amenities.

Large mirror and maximum lighting became an important point in creating a luxurious bathroom atmosphere.

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