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My Modern Dream House Design 2 Floor 2020

My Modern Dream House Design 2 Floor – Minimalist home design does not mean home design where the budget is smaller when compared with home design in general. To realize an attractive and unique design with simplicity, a careful analysis is needed, which of course also requires more expensive costs, as mentioned earlier. However, the benefits should not be doubted.

Now, the need for accommodation that can not be missed is having a minimalist 2-storey home design that is simple and comfortable. When we have not been able to realize a dream home, sometimes making better plans or designs first. Moreover, the house becomes a necessity that must be met.

Maybe now we encounter a lot of contemporary minimalist home designs that are luxurious, spacious with classy furniture. And of course it has a beauty that makes anyone amazed to see it. But, if now you only have a small house and, do not be discouraged. You still have the chance to design a minimalist, simple two-storey house with a modern twist.

The Advantages of Minimalist Home Design

The design of a house with a minimalist type of two floors has several advantages when compared to a minimalist one-story house, namely the number of rooms. Therefore, plan carefully the design of a minimalist two-storey house and consider the basic rules of minimalist design. Of course, without having to eliminate the atmosphere of comfort, aesthetic value, and your characteristics are the first steps that must be done before designing a dream home.

Examples of the Latest Minimalist Home Designs

This time the author is kind enough to provide a review of the latest minimalist home design examples. Which example of this design can be the best inspiration for you. Immediately, following the simple two-storey minimalist home design …

1. Minimalist 2-storey house (Type 36)

minimalist house 2 floors type 36

Minimalist two-story house type 36 does have a limited size of the house. Because, a house with a simple design is devoted to modern residents, but still simple. Minimalist house 2 floors (type 36) is a product derived from a minimalist one-story house (type 36) with a floor that has a main floor area of ​​36 square meters.

Increasing the number of family members is indeed a big problem especially in the capital city. Well, to overcome this minimalist two-story house with type 36 is the solution. The type 36 two-storey house design focuses on exploring material, color, texture, and minimalist exterior and interior appearance. So, this house can become a more modern residence but still comfortable.

When compared with other types of two-storey houses, the cost of a minimalist two-storey house design type 36 is not too expensive. You could say friendly with the bag so that makes it the type with the most enthusiasts. In addition, a house with this design is also very comfortable and provides plenty of wiggle room for anyone who inhabits it. This type also makes it easier for construction workers because building it isn’t too complicated.

2. Minimalist house 2 floors (type 45)

minimalist house 2 floors type 45

The next minimalist house design is two floors of type 45. Which one house design is almost similar to a house of type 36. The difference is in the size of the room where type 45 is more spacious and comfortable.

Minimalist interior and exterior design ideas are needed to enhance your home building to appear more attractive.

In addition, the advantage of minimalist house 2 Floor type 45 is that the price is quite affordable. Yes almost similar.

4. Minimalist house 2 floors 6 × 12

There is something bigger than a minimalist house with a size of 6 × 9, a minimalist 2-storey house design with a size of 6 × 12. Houses with this design usually have a little extra on the back. The goal is also the same as in the design of a 6×9 size house that is to camouflage the appearance of your house to make it look spacious.

5. House Design 2 storey Casa Caja

Did you know that the two-story house of Casa Caja is a house that uses inexpensive materials such as concrete bricks with concrete floors without tiles.

6. Minimalist 2-storey Minimalist House Design

The flat-roofed two-story house design carries the concept of open minimalism. Thus, the minimalist two-storey home design looks beautiful even though it is small in size.

7. House Design 2 Floor Promenade House

The second floor house Promenade House has a super slim home design.

8. House Design 2 Floor Moore Park Residence

Applying the concept of nature is an advantage of the two-story house Moore Park Residence. In addition, the two-story house design is quite small and has a minimalist interior design that utilizes wood elements. The house looks big from the inside, because the distance from the surface of the floor to the ceiling of the house is quite high.


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