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New Home Design Irfan & Jennifer Bachdim in Bali Indonesia

In fact, recently came back happy news from their small family. Well, on this occasion Bramble Furniture also had the opportunity to directly witness and become a part in realizing a dream new home a la Irfan and Jennifer Bachdim.

A Mid-Century Touch in the Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, the Bachdim family also chose a dining room design that suits their family dreams. For the dining table, they chose the Summit Dining Table which is simple in style but suitable for use at every family banquet. This solid wood dining table is also equipped with a charming Mid-century Devon Dining Chair. Not only that, lighting also becomes an important element in this dining room. The Bachdim family prefers to use a chandelier with an industrial design that is distinctive from the Tripoli Chandelier.

Bachdim Family New Dining Room – Summit Dining Table

Despite combining a variety of different designs, this dining room still looks balanced and does not collide with the use of matching wood colors.

Elegant Master Bedroom

As the main and most private room in the house, the main bedroom must be made to suit the needs of its inhabitants. The Bachdim family also wants a bedroom that can give a personal impression to their family, so the furniture used must have a timeless design.

Harmony Couples Irfan and Jennifer Bachdim in the New House

For the headboard, Bachdim’s family chose the St. Mattress Backrest. James who has an antique design with a wooden frame and also dark blue. In harmony with the back of the bed, they also added St. Long Bench James, who has sleek wooden legs design with unique carvings. For a bedside table, they chose to add decorative accessories with oriental carvings, the Chinois Side Table.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Style in Children’s Bedrooms

Every furniture used in the Bachdim family’s new home has unique details made by hand. This makes a more special impression. Not only that, custom finishing and handmade details also make each item has an exclusive element according to the choice of the owner of the residence.

Kiyomi Bachdim’s bedroom – Sienna Heaboard

Aside from choosing a backrest with a shabby chic design, Kiyomi’s room is also equipped with a functional and decorative storage area. Homestead Long Bench with Rattan Basket was chosen as a storage area for various Kiyomi needs. Not only as a storage area, this bench can also be used as a place to wear shoes or just a place to read books.

Kiyomi’s Bedroom with Aries Dressing Table and Provence Glass Clothing

Well, for Kiyomi’s room, the Bachdim family chose the Aries Dressing Table which has an antique design with distinctive distressing details. This appearance adds graceful style to Kiyomi’s room. Meanwhile, for the wardrobe they chose the Provence Glass Wardrobe that uses solid mahogany wood material and is equipped with body-size glass.

Use of Timeless Variety of Furniture Style
Every furniture from Bramble that is used in the interior of Bachdim’s new home is made differently according to the character of each individual, with a variety of custom choices. Starting from the color, finishing, to a variety of styles. This is what makes every item from Bramble called Endless Possibilities.  Like the Bachdim family who chose to combine some furniture with shabby chic, mid-century, rustic, to industrial style. In accordance with the Bramble tagline, “Any Item. Any finish. Endless Possibilities “.

You can also choose more than 100 types of color choices and motifs according to their respective preferences, ranging from glossy, dove, to distressing which can add value and character to the selected item.

Every Bramble Furniture product is born from a careful idea and design process. From sketching to carving motifs, everything is focused on producing exclusive furniture for each individual. Want to apply the ideal residential style with exclusive furniture according to personal preferences like the Bachdim family? Come on, realize your dream home with us.

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