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Even the color orange is considered to be able to increase emotional arousal, so that orange is very well used by the office to stimulate emotion and creativity in the work environment.

Orange also gives a strong appeal, giving the impression of comfort, optimism, cheerfulness and warmth.

Creative Room

Every company, especially companies engaged in the creative field usually has a unique and fun place decoration and interior decoration.

There is even a special room to look for ideas and creativity, namely Creative Room as shown above. With attractive decoration and the use of unique furniture that can support a comfortable working environment.

For those of you who have creative space, you can apply it to create beauty and a comfortable atmosphere.

Black and White with Multiple Color Accents

The idea for the next office is black and white with some use of other color accents. With a few quotes or words in black with a different font style, making each of his words stand out.

To give excitement, the appeal of this, is to use some bright colors as accents such as red, yellow and green so that it looks more lively and attractive.

In addition to typography that is commonly used for offices, the picture of a whale and the underwater atmosphere with a cartoon style is quite interesting to be applied to one of the walls in the office.

With the use of blue and orange, making the eyes become fresh and eliminate fatigue during work activities.

With the Concept of Animals

In addition to the underwater atmosphere as above, another interesting enough to decorate the walls in your office is a variety of animals that are lined up that are made so unique and fun to look at.

With the use of orange which is able to stimulate emotions and blue which can increase concentration suitable for application in the office.

For those of you who have a narrow room, the use of blue creates the impression of spacious, stable, cool, cool, and relaxation in the room.

With the design of the process of making clothes or clothing, besides looking unique and cool, it also gives an overview of your company’s business.

Fashion Office

In addition to the process of making clothes as above, the next can be used as the right choice to make your office look eccentric and up to date, like the picture above.

With the design of some equipment commonly used by the fashion village designers, namely measuring devices or gauges, threads, scissors and clothing which is certainly very suitable to be a reflection of the daily lives of fashion designers or even those who are engaged in the fashion field.

Still around the Sale Stock Office, which is a company engaged in ecommerce, especially fashion, some of the wall paintings in the Office of Sale Stock are quite unique and cool to be used as a reference for your office, especially offices or companies engaged in fashion.

Some of those in the Sale Stock are hand-crafted services, based in Jakarta.

Decorative Butterflies in the Catering Office

With decoration, make the office atmosphere more lively and pleasant. So, in the office room with the theme of the butterfly metamorphosis is expected to be a source of inspiration for every employee.

In addition, the meaning implicit in the picture is a process that requires struggle until finally reaching the goal, happiness or success.

This is perfect for decorating your office, it can also make employees comfortable and motivate with meaning in it.

Blue Butterfly Shades at Time International

The idea at the Time International office is very beautiful

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