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Open-Concept House Feels More Natural

Then the number of openings in the house, can make the home condition much healthier!

Like what, the interior of the open concept residence of Tamara Wibowo?

The open concept residence owned by Tamara Wibowo, appeared very beautiful The house, located in Semarang, uses a concept that is quite unique in its design.

Uniquely the corner or corner of the house with two streets has a hilly land contour.

The wooden accent is part of the design that appears on the exterior.

Mango trees also adorn in his house.

This tree itself is an existing state of house land which is also a benchmark in designing for the architect.

The walls of the house are filled with glass windows so that light enters the house and people inside can see the beautiful outside view.

Freshness of the house is also felt with a variety of plants that grow in the yard.

The main building of his house has the form of a mass L. Each mass is connected to an inner garden so that the state merges with nature more pronounced.

For the dining area and pantry connected to one. Certainly makes the atmosphere of eating calmer and also fresher.

A master bedroom which is quite spacious is equipped with a bathroom and toilet and a large dressing area as well.

While on the other side there are two bedrooms which are equipped with an internal toilet and a shared shower area.

Houses with high ceilings and wide openings certainly greatly maximize the relationship inside and outside the home.

In addition, the house has good air and light circulation.

The land of this house is quite spacious.

But the overall residential landscape is well designed and wise because of the large open space in the yard surrounding the mass of the building.

It is in accordance with the name and also the concept that gives a unique appearance to the inside of the house and comfort for its residents.

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