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Open-Style House With a Floating Box

The architect focus on providing a link between fellow spaces with different activities. 

Is the existence of the floating box effective for this open style house design?

Floating box becomes an interesting focal point in the house Because the architect focuses on providing a link between other spaces, all activities are connected as one.

So that this young family can spend a lot of time together at home.

Therefore, it was decided that the design of this house was to maintain a naturally connected bond over the years that was applied to the interconnected space design.

Well, the uniqueness in this house is the “Floating Box” or a box floating above the dining room, precisely on the third floor.

Connectivity between rooms is important for this house This 3-storey house has different functions on each floor.

Then on the second floor, is the floor with the most extensive area in the house.

This open space in the middle of the house functions as a family room, dining room and pantry connected to the backyard of the house with its glass windows.

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